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How Face to Face Counselling occur?

We provide face to face Counselling where the counselor can observe the client and understand the nonverbal cues like body language, tone etc. The services provided in face to face counselling are relationship/marital/family counseling, work related stress, poor academic performance, everyday stress/anxiety/depression and trauma/ abuse.

Is counselling safe and confidential?

We respect your privacy. We do not influence you with our personal values and judgements. We do not share confidential information without your consent or without legal requirements and to adhere to law of the land.

We can reveal the information only under certain conditions like

1. When the client is likely to harm themselves or others.

2. When there is a court order or directives from law and order authorities.

We make sure that records are secured in a confidential place. We do not disclose  the information about client.

How Virtual Therapy works?

Simply, virtual therapy is using the common technologies such as video/phone call or email to assist individual in improving their mental an emotional well-being.

For client to be able to participate in virtual therapy, they must be age 16+, have access to good speed internet and a web camera. Though virtual therapy can be conducted via phone call and email I recommend video call as a means for therapy session.

Is seeking counselling a sign of weakness?

Seeking counselling is not a sign of weakness. It takes courage to address problem areas and examine painful feelings. Entering counselling is taking the first step in resolving difficulties. Counselling is not only for people with serious emotional problems. People often seek and benefit from counseling for life situations such as relationship problems, adjustment concerns, managing stress, work life balance, early/midlife crisis, parenting concerns and better personal growth.